A time for everything

St Pauls .. and it was really hot...Jessica's farewall , the one that is blocked. haha
Emirates for the Arsenal vs Celtic game
I wonder how they can have a show day after day for more that 50 years...

Wah , like a star trader. At the Canary wharf, where financial people earn more that you and me combined. (or worth)

At the line in Meridien. Imagine a missing halo
Clocking in Meridien


Anonymous said...

Hello, hello... there... it's been some time since I came here, Amoker. Life is busy being a bitch to me. *sigh* so many things happen, and all is not good. Neway, glad to see you having a great time over there. take care and God bless.

Harrison bin Hansome said...

My friend, I have not say "Goodspeed" and "Godbless" for your UK adventure.
It's been since last year since I drop by here I think, but keep up the update going and all the best..

Harrison bin Hansome said...

Oh friend, the message you left in my blog is still unpublished due to maybe technical problems - I suspect someone may have hacked my blog.

I only view it at my e-mail. Drop me a line @ harissonbinhansome@yahoo.com, and I wish to know your e-mail as well. Take care brother....

Brenda Ang said...

Emirates! ARSENAL! Gogo Arsenal!

amoker said...

Handsome.. i could not get your blog profile anymore so here is my email at amoker@gmail.com

It is lovely. Emirates is just a different experience.

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