UMNO using force to usurp the rights of people

Malaysia Waves: The Men In Black That Dragged Siva Away Is In Violation Of the Magistrate Court Injunction Too.

I can't imagine how people can come in to a parliament and drag the speaker out.. and jail him.

I also can't imagine how newspaper like the Star can ignore all this and spin their news in favour of UMNO. ( i gave a note to Chun wai in his blog that it is a sell out)

Pariah all the way to UMNO.


reanaclaire said...

being an IPOHian.. it is sad.. real sad...

Anonymous said...

Since when we got human rights in Malaysia, anyway? =.= I'm disgusted with what happened in Perak, Umno are ignoring the people's voice!

Shi-Lynn said...

I've quit reading newspapers other than The Sun. Are you getting your news from Star Online?

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