Criminal act to use the word "Allah" In Malaysia

I am confused. The flip flop by the Malaysian governement on the issue of the sanctity of the word "Allah" is a huge joke. I wonder why some people are paid good money to make other people's life a nuisance..

During the primary and secondary school, I used to be asked to lead the school assembly which involves singing the national and state song. Imagine me trying to do that today and I could be slapped with a suit and a time in jail. Imagine 10 years old in jail for using the word and the real criminals are left in the street to continue their carnage.

So, dear friends in these 5 states who can be jailed for singing their state songs ... do your maths. This is a huge joke for the world to laugh at us.

Selamat Sultan Allah daulatkan Tuanku Sultan Terengganu Darul Iman Allah peliharakan Tuanku Sultan Sejahtera sepanjang zaman Allah rahmatkan Tuanku Sultan Memerintah rakyat aman

Lanjutkan usia Al-Sultan kami Sultan Kelantan raja ikrami Aman sentosa Tuhan sirami Kekal memerintah kami Kasih dan taat setia disembahkan Keriangan diucapkan Segala kebesaran Allah cucurkan Bertambah kemuliaan

Allah selamatkan Sultan Anugerahkan dia Segala kehormatan Sihat dan ria Kekal dan makmur Luaskan kuasa Naungkan kami Rakyat dipimpini bersama lagi Dengan Merdeka Baru bersatu hati Allah berkati Johor Allah selamatkan Sultan.

Duli Yang Maha Mulia, Selamat diatas taktha, Allah lanjutkan usia Tuanku Rakyat mohon restu, Bawah duli Tuanku, Bahagia selama-lamanya Aman dan sentosa Duli Yang Maha Mulia..

Allah selamat Sultan Mahkota Berpanjangan usia di atas Takhta, Memelihara ugama Nabi kita, Negeri Kedah serata-rata


eugene said...

It is funny to note that our much loathed politicians still have time for all these trivialities, i am not too sure if they ever know of the current economy situation, day in day out we are being barraged with loads of bad economy.

can they really make us strong, i wonder.

Rebeliciousz said...

The urge for the word to be powerful and the tendency for others to feel obliged..

amoker said...

Perhaps, the reason they look at trivial issues is that they can handle big issues ....


Calvin Soo KJ said...

i think this relates to the BM bible and gospel songs using the word Allah. the govt forbid us using the word especially when in public. what an utter crap!!! and this is only in malaysia. indonesia....the world's largest muslim community also did nothing of this. it's like they've registered and patented the word, and not one else can use 'em. im totally speechless. maybe in the future, we can never call our own God ....Tuhan.

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