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Why is 'Allantunya' now restricted to certain priviledged people?

The answer: "Alla"-ntunya sounds like "Allah", another banned word.


There is just no logical justification for such actions no matter which commentary you would read.

To me, this is basically the behaviour that the "Herald" decided to take a suit against the arbitary decision of the Home Ministry in their decision on "Allah". It is a suit to ask the civil servants to review their decision and to invite the civil servants to be civil in their decision. It is similar to this arbitary, high handed 'my word is law" type of behaviour.

Soon, the police will decide that the 'democracy tree' is also a taboo, 'valucap' is also a taboo ... etc.


eugene said...

Only when someone's scared,can a funny order such as this be implimented

Mr. X said...

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Calvin Soo KJ said...

this is so sickening....i wanna puke :X

amoker said...

Totally correct. SOmeone is not Jantan enough

Anonymous said...

*grunt* of coz it's ban la... that feller no balls lah! I smell Hitler's smelly ass somewhere...omg, so stink!

Shi-Lynn said...

Malaysia is turning into a dictatorship. Is it possible to turn things around?

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