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In my last post , I was lamenting the hypocrisy of people who take advantage of situations to advance their positions. Today is a dark day for Malaysia when the powers to be gang up with the Sultan of Perak to force a legitimately elected state government to resign. All the talks about constitutional processes that you learn in university is thrown into the toilet hole when new rules were accepted on face value. Perakians are angry , so are many Malaysians who felt that a few aristocrats ( policitians and monarchs) are making a fool of their rights.

While UMNO is championing the Palestinian issue against Zionist, can they not reflect that the schemes that they perpetrated in Perak is similar to what the Zionist are doing? They are forcing the rakyat to resort to violence to obtain justice. Is this not what the Palestinians are feeling? Hence, UMNO is quite similar to the Zionist elements in the Israel government. Stop calling a kettle black.

What is the consequence of such blatant real politics?

1.The implication is... that any states are now open for crossovers. The act by Perak Sultan has open the floodgates of continuous politicking. For footballers, it is like players can be bought and sold anytime and not during transfer season.

2. Black eye for

Najib - he is now viewed as an evil schemer. While the economy falls, his priority is in getting more political power in Perak and Terengganu.

Anwar - blamed for keep talking about crossovers. He should learn from Nasa and Saiful experience that 'easy' people may have hidden agenda.

Sultan Azlan - one stroke of decision made him to loose respect among Perakians. He wrote a book on Malaysian judiaciary and did not do what he has written. And that his son was talking about integrity and non partisanship the day before sunked down his credibility. A look at the comments in his site shows that his subjects are getting restless that their pleads are falling to deaf ears.

Election Commission - the new EC chairman lost credibilty at his first major task.

MAnti Corruption Chicken - decided the RM50 million bribe story as unrealiable. Also, decided not to investigate Nasa on his return to UMNO but made a hoo hah when he went to PKR.

Monarchy - will this be the death knell of Malaysian aristocrats?

Ultimately, the Semenanjung folks finally feel what the Sabahans felt when UMNO took over their democratically appointed government. Some commentators said that probably Sabahans were too backwater to feel the injustice but they need to remember that natural justice is for all. The state continues to be ill managed by the politicians who are now inward looking and consequently is now the poorest state in the country. Foreigners are taking over the jobs of locals and there is a sense of lawlessness where money and power can get you what your heart desires. It is like the birth of something by evil means produces more evil offsprings. In the long term, the biggest loser will be UMNO and Sultan Azlan.


Anonymous said...

*sigh* I have yet to comment on the shitty nonsense that's going on in Perak. Life is practically killing me. LOL...busy busy all the time, makes me work like some drugged mad cow! Damn celaka. Anyway, here's my take:

Najib: A desperate man who needed to grasps on power before he takes over the helm from Pak Lah (somewhere next month, I assume?). The word here is DESPERATE for power before being PM, I suppose. So he needed to do all these nonsense before he became PM, or he'll soon be a PM who will tumble down easily since he's a man who is packed with 'bombastic' scandals that could possibly send him flying to the next dimension...

Anwar: Empty vessel makes more noise.

Sultan Azlan Shah: I dun wan to say something 'derhaka' against him. He WAS a monarch that I look up so much upon when I was a little girl. He was the king-judge that command my respect without even doing anything. But now, I think it is time for him to pave way for his son to take over the throne. It seems that it's time for him to pass down the throne to his son as the decision that he made angered the rakyat. Sultan should be the rakyat's king, not a party's king. In this case, the rakyat should be given more voice and should have more say on who should govern the state. I must state that dissolving the DUN and having election is a more appropriate way to solve the matter.

EC Chairman- a man who got no balls and need to kneel and wipe Najib's dirty shoe.

ACA- For powerful people, 50m is just a figure. Let's say 50m was spent to buy the ppl involve, why can't they spend some disgusting amount to buy ACA? Go figure.

Monarchy- In Malaysia, the monarch have long lost the power. The only way to regain monarchical power is to be on the rakyat's side.

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