New Life Care Centre, Port Dickson

The biggest pile of gifts that I have ever witnessed. The kids was trying to grab hold properly at the end of the day as they have so much to 'jaga'.
Before the hurricane, it was tranquil. KFC Port Dickson is a good choice except for the lack of size and volume in their meals. Loads of empty space for..
Newly Weds

Uncle Pok Kuang being fatherly and all.

I got a bigger mouth than you!

Addy's final week here & Karen doing a model thing. The kid was just trying to remember his song lyrics. The centre seemed to have a favourite song that most of the kids will sing.

Auntie Ai Li giving some cash donation to Paul, the caretaker. The Finance team has single handedly organised this personal initiative showing that they are not only about counting monies. :)

Look behind the 2 girls: That is why i called Ai Li an auntie. haha. These 2 girls are the shyiest ever as i wasted shots after shots for them. Good thing now we use digital cameras.That is how I have great teeths like this! Anyway, my appreciation to all donors and lets continue to seek ways to spread goodwill and help to the needy.

If you feel rich or a tai tai who has nothing to do, or just like any ordinary man and woman .. you can bring a smile to others. Here is the contact.

New Life Care Centre , Port Dickson
Telephone: 066472344 /

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