If petrol price is expensive, use motorbike

Image taken from http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/3/33/Honda_C70.JPG

While I was back in my hometown, noticed that my father's trusty old bike is below the required safety standards. In fact, his Honda C70 kapchai's suspension has gave way. Without telling him, I secretly went about town to find a motorcycle repair shop.

The truth is, it was a hard find. Many years ago, there would be quite a few motorbicyle shop littering this tranquil town of Muar. Not any more. Many people have moved on to cars and the impact is felt down the chain of business. Many motorcycle shops would have a hard time to stay afloat and this was the time when there was a sudden increase of fires affecting motorcycle shops. Rumour mills point to a conspiracy to extract insurance payment and to exit the business.

Anyway, the newly found mechanic and wife was very helpful and chatty. He then stressed that business has been improving as more people are buying motorbikes as it uses less fuels and hence will lower down the cost of living. I enjoyed a ground perspective of our economy at work.

How ironic it is that I saw this yet to be ascertained authentic piece of invoice but seemingly scanned document; that charges the country RM1.58 million for driving motorbikes to an election. That is RM1,580,000 for 12 days of 'work' of driving around in their motorbikes for UMNO youth members. This is daylight robbery. I can work many many years and will never earn this type of money. And 200 people just took less that half a month to squeeze RM1.58 million from taxpayer's money. Only in UMNO world where it is more expensive to drive a motorbike.

So, in the days of increasing cost of living .. it is ironic that the mere lowly mechanic went about doing his work to earn a decent living. The change of mobility preference helped his family to earn a bit more during these times, but I reckon he earned just enough during the lean times. Yet, he was still able to give me discount on top of his service. He did not overcharge or undercharge. That is a lesson in integrity.


Anonymous said...

I used to ride motorbike to college...I never wanna ride it again! because police always tahan me and ask for kopi...and always being mistook as a minah rempit!

Pasifik said...

at the first, i thought that bike is yours but eventually you upload it from wikipedia. that's find. i still like your posting anyway.

keep posting,


amoker said...

hahah... Clef, so funny. Yalor, i notice that police like to take advantage of the motorbike people. did not get stop so often now that am owning a car. But if car is too fancy, police will also stop. Notice that on Sunday on my way down to port dickson. They close down the highway to airport as a single lane, and cars that was stopped are fancy ones.

Anonymous said...

Yalorrr... actually those assholes din only ask for kopi...they ask for Starbucks ice Blended Fruppocino. Really celaka.

Hmm...fancy cars...luckily I just own a kancil. Not fancy at all... so far nv get stop yet!

amoker said...

How come you seemed to be all over the blogs? Super fairy skillss?

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