Inikah Kebenaran? (Is this the truth?)

If one is to google "Injil" ( bible ) and "remaja" ( Youth) , one will find an interesting website called Inilah Kebenaran. ( The truth). Like great websites set up in United Kingdom and United States, it saught to tell stories of converts of the great religion of Islam especially from Christian backgrounds. The only difference is that it is written in local language ( BM ) and have local contents.

An excellent summary of this website come from the 2 writters where they exclaimed that only thru the admitance of the this great religion ( from non Muslims) and implementation of Syariah law can it bring back the majesty of the Malay race in Malaysia. (Hanya dengan pengakuan Daulah Islamaiah dan sistem perundangan Islam sahaja yang akan dapat mengembalikan keagungan Melayu di Malaysia)
Do not like to waste too much time on it but here are 2 observations.
1. The article correctly identify Malaysian Muslims who wanted to officially convert to Christianity but are not allowed.
2. The supposed proof that books with ambigous titles like "Kaabah, Wahyu Ilahi dan Mengenal Rasul" turns out differently. This would be similar to the stories of bible being packaged to look like Quran. Perhaps those books are from different Islamic sects or maybe not. Yet the photos were books that have titles that are able to distinguished to be non Muslim books. Anyway, i always believed that my Muslim friends are more than able to distinguish between books/ articles ( consistent with my writtings during protest on book seizure, the BM Bible ban )

On the lighter note, this article steals the show...
1. Christian youths are encouraged with benefits ( perhaps monetory) and were taught different techniques to lure Muslim girls in Malaysia.(skim galakan kepada para jejaka Kristian serta diberi tunjuk ajar mengenai teknik untuk memikat)
2. These Christian man would then act to be attracted to the politeness, clothing & demureness of the Malay girls. (mereka akan berlakon seolah-olahnya mereka telah tertarik dengan kesopanan, cara berpakaian serta kelembuatan tingkah laku anak-anak gadis kita ini)

3. At the right time, these devious mans will make their first move by being 'pictured' together (not sure literally or taking photos to perhaps blackmail) in love, and to have sex with the girls.
( mereka akan digambarkan seolah-olah mereka terbawa-bawa oleh perasan cinta sehingga si gadis ternoda)
4. Finally,these sweet talker will convince the girl that they will get married since she is pregnant, but she has to convert because:-

a) In Islam, they would have sinned and be punished.
b) In Christian, they would be forgiven and since Mary is a single mother, it is more readily accepted. (menganggap awak senasib dengan Mary (Mariam))
- Oh btw, it is a sin in the bible. And Joseph never had premarital sex with Mary .. if u believe the bible.
I never thought of those logics. And i never thought about the precise words ( or pschyology) used to deviously manipulate some people. I do know however that figuratively, " a thief will know another thief". Perhaps there are and if really that there is a group that systematically target conversion thru such immoral techniques, i would be the first to be disheartened. Certaintly, the teaching of the bible and Christ urges us to not stoop to that level. For the issue of conversion is not of man, but God is the one who converts.

Whoever walks in integrity walks securely, but whoever takes crooked paths will be found out. (Proverbs 10.9)
Now this is our boast: Our conscience testifies that we have conducted ourselves in the world, and especially in our relations with you, with integrity [ Many manuscripts holiness] and godly sincerity. We have done so, relying not on worldly wisdom but on God's grace. 2 Cth 1.12
I would not be able to throw the first stone, but let us be careful to distinguish between emotions, propoganda and truth.

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Harrison bin Hansome said...

If you frequent Raja Petra's detestable opinion of so-called Muslims zealot who pray 5 times a day and goes to Mekah at least 1 time in their life and every-readily willing to be bribed, it exhibited how-low life of a scoundrel these Moslems really are.

Always see you at Susan's blog.

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