Check for your voter registration

Update: Check out this hilarious write up about the same issue. Another Malaysian World Record - World’s Oldest Living Person . I did not understant the Election Commisions answer that these are dead voters from 1800s. Do they have IC then?

The Election commission Chairman decided that there is no need to do a by election to fill up the seat of the Labis MP Dr Chua Soi Lek who have just resigned. The Sun's write up of his interview is more candid on his feeling about the about-turn from his bosses up there. I think he felt betrayed hence relinquished all his posts inclusive of those that is won in his party ( MCA) and even as a member of parliament. Something must have triggered it & his rantings on "holier than thou" should give some clue. The most interesting aspect of the interview is his decision to challenge the incumbent president to the top post as well as to challenge him to live up to his 'live a clean, healthy life". This signals undercurrents in MCA.

Anyway, it also points out to our EC chairman's knowledge of the date of the election ... or erection ( aftermath of Dr Chua's sordid affair). So, do verify if your name is in the list of voters.

If an 10 year old kid can be a voter, why not you?

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