My money and pride going to Space

Read yesterday that they have published a book and have a national fatwa on whether the Malaysian Money-nuts need to pray 5 times a day or 200 times a day. For the Malaysian government to spend RM100 million on this project and more RM millions on the PR promotions supposedly to increase the interest of science. Of course, the minister claimed that 'we did not actually spend the money' cause it is a gift for buying Russian weapons. Why then we spend more time on religious matters of the nuts than what they supposed to do. Have we lined out our science projects for this would be Money-nouts to perform ? So far , no news. Anyway, lets see how our friendly southen government is taking this challenge up. Space Adventures, of Virginia, together with the government of Singapore, is planning to spend at least $115 million to build a similar facility there, along with a second $265 million spaceport in the United Arab Emirates. That is almost 1/3 of what Malaysia has spend so far to bring out nuts to space. And the article states that one day, one can visit the space for less that USD 40K, which is about RM100,000. That is many times cheaper than RM100 million that this government has spent..

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