Partner choice 'shaped by father'

Ahoy, my guestimates has always been right. So, does that mean also that if the husband does not look like the father, the wife have difficult relationships with the father during younger days.

Well, for statisticians.. i am sure it does not work this way.

Partner choice 'shaped by father'

TV chef Nigella Lawson could prove the theory ...Much as she might hate to admit it, a woman's choice of partner may depend a lot on her own father.
Scientists have found women who were treated well by their dad during childhood are attracted to men who resemble their father facially.
But the link is lost on women who did not have good relationships with their fathers.
The research, led by a psychologist at Durham University, is published in Evolution and Human Behaviour.
Author Dr Lynda Boothroyd said the findings added to our understanding of how we become attracted to certain types of people.

She said such knowledge could have implications for fields such as relationship counselling

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