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Hemmm... i found some photos to share.. that did not get into my blog previously. A shop in Beijing sells an assortment of Brands.. including the well know "Placenta" brand. ugghhh
Beijing again. The sign says " Bet the tom mor row". Bet bet bet...
Ah, the famous beef noodle in Tangkak Johor. The soup is sweet to the bone.
Along Seremban Senawang road, a shop owned by a perhaps 80 year old lady ( behind the counter ). The portion are huge at RM3 but she will take her time. This fella has been waiting for 10 minutes while she chatted with her regulars. A must try.
Landlady's thanks you cake for cooking for us. The men are all the ex -tenant of this super auntie. Thanks Autie Margaret. Will eat all you cookings with gusto except rice with durian. :)

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