Between 300 and Muah Po U Tube

I watched the latest movie called 300 , where supposedly 300 Spartans took up arms to defend their freedom against the regime of Persian , lead by a gay-like Nubian cross dresser who is supposed to be Xerxes. Beyond modern CG look and good chereographed fighting scene, this movie is one to forget. I nearly felt asleep if not for the various inconsistencies and racial profiling & blasphamies that happens in the movie.

I will speak up against the grand plan by US to distort truth. The sad truth is that this show is supposdly funded by an American organisation on behalf of the government for whatever reason. One speculation is to moralize the unjust war of Iraq. One writer asks - Who do you think George Bush is - Xerxes(bad guy since he is potrayed to indulge in all kind of bad things ) or Leonidas( defender of truth & democracy)? Since he is American , his answer is Leonidas.

My answer - The person who ..
1. Leads a huge army with many secret weapons , including a rhino and elephants ala Lord of the rings.
2.Killing own people to achieve own goals.
3. Think that he is God , if not acting for one.
4. Attacks another country in the name of progress.
5. Nobody is as powerful and right , never wrong.
6. No leadership skill except in giving threats and grunting.

Quite obvious. :)

Anyway, here is to racial subjugation part of the movie. The unspoken intent of the story is to tell people that it is a shame to be beaten by people from the East. And i find it very racist.
1. Xerxes is like a cross dresser instead of a strategist in real life.
2. Most of the Persian bosses are black , and the first to be killed .. .. mainly for rough talking.
3. The Persians looked like caravan Muslim Arabs
4. The Japanese is ugly, short and wears a samurai costume.
5. The Chinese is ugly , short and throws bomb that never hit nobody.
6. The indulging orgy party as mainly of anything Asian women. Cheap , obliging & dumb. Contrast that with the working Greek women who can even speak at the council.

Since when it is ok to mock a gay, cross dresser , black, asians, animals, women ... Oh ya, we are barbarians. And, the blasphemy of using quotes from the bible to describe Xerxes as King of Kings, Lord of hosts, etc.
And don't give the reason that it is adapted from comic book and uses computer graphics to substanciate such degrading movie.

btw, this is better than the show.. a song about Muar . check it out.


Anonymous said...

hey u suck balls.

also, you suck balls, and suck them and suck them, as an infant to a teat.

amoker said...

nasty whatever. the show still sucks.

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