Benefits of working for BIG company in SMALL town

Today, I realised that it is actually great to work in Shell ( big company ) in a smalltown.

I was told of this thing about girls going ga ga about people from Shell in PD , and apparently in places like Miri , Kuala Terengganu etc. Mostly because of their supposed deep pockets and thus better candidates for marriage!!


Anyway, I tested this out by going out to the bank just now in my yellow suit. Oh , it was more because of the rain that I kept the suit on.

Yep, wearing a yellow suit does get people's attention. Sure la, it is yellow!! But seriously, it felt different. Even the girl in the bank was asking more question than she should..

"SO, u are working in shell ah ... a technician? An operator? ..." before handling out my deposit slip.

"Manager ," I said in a low voice and the two ladies smiled.

And she even ask for office number as well ... ello.

So far , got reactions from Malay and Chinese girls. i guess the Indian girls are more shy. haha. But i think it is more on my ke-handsem-an. That is my funny experience for this week.

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