Port Dickson

How many times i marvel at the sea on the way and back to work and still do not believe that i am now working in the genteel town of Port Dickson. Situated 90 km away from the jam packed ( yet more happening ) city of KL, PD is a gem of a town. Well, it used to be a shinning gem ....

anyway, traffic is pretty good except on weekends. I have my own apartment with 3 bedrooms and a lot of space. And it overlooks the sea.. again. ah ... pleasure. It is a nicely furnished place with lots of amenities thrown in. Of course, i have to add in some joseph touch and bought some of my stuff over .... and in a black elements ... and some nice pics ...

Overally , nothing much to do here. i did finish one book and had a bit more sleep nowadays. and a bit more sports as well. but the funny things is that i tend to eat more. i guess the people here don't have much other things to do than to ... eat. Lunch , breakfast , supper .. u name it ... people will start calling each other out for a drink. it is the social thingie here.

Took some pics but will upload that up another day when i have the bluetooth again. till then...


Shi-Lynn said...

Hey handsome,

You view everything in such a positive light. One of the things about you that I simultaneously like and get annoyed by. :)

I'll go and stay with you one fine weekend. Maybe we can play Monopoly all day...

*mmuuaahhh* (that's a kiss, by the way)


amoker said...

hey Llama ,

haha ... nice of you to drop by. perhaps the sands in PD will help you acclimitice. still looking for my PD photos. i think it will be funny. hoho

btw, no point complaining too much if can't do anything about it. feel better if i dun feel too bad or complain exceedingly. makes bad behaviour.

Come down soon. Open arms and legs and mouth and eyes and nose hair ..

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