Move on Siti , comes Maya Karin

Firstly , i dun care about Siti any more. We have more sympathy for her than ecstasy. In fact , i did not even care to watch her live TV telecast of her wedding , sensasionally christend in Astro as the " Event of the year" . Hello , Malaysia have millions of other more important thing than this curd. For one , it is overshadowing our national day. This wedding is overglorifying divorces and third parties , sends a wrong message to the young from our ' squeky clean' role model.

And here , is the new rising star. Forget her so called relationship with Khairy . ( another K? ... man ... it is tarnishing my surname ) . The son-in-law of the PM just need to be less brash and arrogant. Anyway, famous quote that i heard of - " Kalau takda angin , tak kan le pokok bergoyang" . Comes the retort " Pokok akan bergoyang kalaupun ada monyet". Wonder who is the monyet.? Now, this is a beauty with a brain and wit. kudos.

I looked like monyet in this pic.

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