Takaful Malaysia - another disgrace?

My Complain to Takaful Malaysia - grrr

I have just called 1-300-88-1313 to renew my house takaful which is expiring. This is as per an sms that i received. I was soon entertained by a man who seemed uninterested to help. After hearing my question , he just brush off my request simply by asking me to talk to my bank. I was not even sure who iniated the payment and suggested that it may be the housing developer. And also am confused since the sms indicate that i can call and renew personally. Only after a while did he take my details ( HOF101fro5102213 ) and look into the system. Again , he crudely tell me that it is my bank and ask me to tell them & wanted to get off the phone. I told him that i do not really understand the whole process and do not know who to call ( Public bank is a big organisation ) . He then mockingly try to explain the house buying process. I am not sure what is your company's benchmark in customer service /sales but his attitude should not reflect your organisation. I did not get his name because i do not think he is even able to give me that information. In the end , i told him that i have decided not to renew my policy with Takaful and thank him . Even with that , he did not say good bye / thanks / sorry that i could not help ... and just slam the phone. This is a disgrace.

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nobody said...

no wonder Kuala Lumpur ranks as last 3rd impolite city by Reader Digest lately. what a shame.

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