Goodbye Western Digital Malaysia

Greetings ,

Life is sometimes akin to a white canvas. One can take some paint and try to work out a picture and enjoy it in the process. Or otherwise. ha-ha . Yet , whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable ... it is perhaps better to be thankful at the positives ( and not forgetting to improve on the rest ) .

I have a very beautiful picture of WDM , mostly due to people like you. Appreciate the work , exchanges , learning and relationship building that happen through the whole 5 years. Though the degree varies between people , it has been wonderful. And my apologies if there are inadequacies in words or action . Special note to my ever patient boss - SY Koo , Ananthi , Kamisah , Jennifer + Fauzi and the HR team.

I wish all the best in your vocation and things that are important to you. I have faith in the prospect of this company to progress further as well as the strength of WD in Malaysia due to your relentless dedication and creative support. Maybe one day our path may meet again.

Today , will pen in the last stroke - not a 'dot' , but a 'exclaimation mark". Pls. keep in touch.

au revoir Dieu benit


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