Untuk Tontonan ramai - eh hai mah ..

Dear Editor ,

I went to GSC Summit yesterday to catch the latest action epic called the "Kingdom of Heaven" led by Orlando Bloom. The excellent story is directed by Sir Ridley Scott ( Gladiator ) who is known to be able to capture battle scenes in a realistic manner.

Thus , to my horror I saw a small framed child ( perhaps 7-8 years old ) walking to his seat with 2 other adults during the opening scene when the head of a Blain's wife was chopped off. I checked with my girlfriend who confirmed that the rating for this movie is "U" - " Untuk tontonan ramai".

Here are some other scenes that I remember , perhaps due to their gory images.

1. Blood spurting out of Saladin emissary's throat
2. Killing of villages in a field where the head was chopped and collected in a container. You can hear the 'thunk'.
3. Head of Guy de Lusignan ( and some other ) on a stick.
4. Disfigured image of the "Leper King".

I am not even sure if the editor of the Star will publish this mail because of the description. So , I am not able to comprehend the logic of such poor judgments by the Censorship board for this show to allow even children to watch this. It is obscene.

Honestly , I can't imagine what is running through the child's mind when he was watching the show , nor those who went to watch the movie without prior research. I realized the importance of the censorship board yesterday to provide guidance or even restrictions. Yet , the censorship board is surprisingly liberal in their interpretation of this movie. I hope the Censorship board can justify their reasonings or review their guidance as soon as possible.

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