Latest update on Club scenes in Kuala Lumpur

So , i did an excursion to the nighspots in Kuala Lumpur yesterday . Rather interesting. hope it will be helpful to you if you want to come over to KL for a trip or otherwise.

KL nightlife is generally accepted as to be more superior than Singapores' , but should be behind the mega ones in Thailand . I was the host to a colleague from L'oreal Taiwan who wanted to see some of the nightlife here. So , took her to 3 different big areas ;

1. Desa sri Hartamas
Grand place for the yuppies with pretty decent hang out places. more family oriented in some with less / no 'undesirable' accompaniments - addict traffic attendents , Sarong Party Girls (SPGs - those who are eyeing caucasion men ) etc.

Low - parking space is too limited - but free.

2. Bangsar

A miracle happened that i got a parking spot right in the middle of these area. It is as good as striking a lottery. So , what are the changes. ?

Finnigan's - still the best place around with good music and nice people. A great place to be with friends and get a bucketful of various beers. Had a Beemer's stout here - it taste better than local stout with less bitterness. in fact , the Carlsberg is more bitter. Large portions.

Modesto's - the other 'can go' place . but the interior lighting is horrendous. Good food.

Telawi Street Bistro - good place for dining and chill. no dance floor.

Grappa's - the wine place - a bit empty yesterday.

Absolute Chemistry - fighting hard to survive with a slat towards the Bollywood style , sometimes.

And the host of Starbucks etc.

3. Jalan Sultan Ismail - Enough of Bangsar , as we head down to KL town for the real things. Helena wanted to go to see dance places , as the ones in Taiwan are apparently super big.

Zouk KL - the latest happening place in KL . An upmarket disco that serves an upmarket client . Generally a consensus image that they are more snobish than anybody else. RM50 per entry.

The Beach club - the happening place. To summarize the allure is Denis , a University of Groenigen student who visited my factory 3 weeks ago. Stated his displeasure of being surrounded by girls who 'touch here and there'. They have a band here.

The Thai club - opposite the Beach club is the Thai club who seemed to have a more chinese crowd interspersed with Gwailos. 3 levels of fun.

Atmosphere , Twelve Si - the king of the clubs no more . in fact , Atmosphere was closed yesterday pretty early .

Modestos- again .

Now , comes the interesting part. Presenting

Basement - a 'mix' club . Going down the stairs of this out of the spot place with a door ajar is an experience by itslef. There is something funny in the air , i shun to think what. The bouncer allowed us to go in without paying , sitting beside a light with caberet fur beside it .

There are 2 groups of people there , one standing and chatting while showing their muscle . The other one was huddling at the corner of the room. Bell were ringing and was confirmed with an advert on the TV that shows a barrage of muscular men. The helpful waiter instinctively explained that the club is for a mix gendre when he saw me pointing out the Mardi Gras advert to Helena. Apparently , the non-straight crowd will come in beyond 1 a.m.

Flame - the longest running disco that caters to Canto-pop , lots of chinese based groups and perhaps those that likes to listen to banging house music. Apparently were in the list of police for having patrons who used ecstacy and other party drugs. Got in for free and to our amazement - this is the most happening dance floor in Sultan Ismail. Packed with people who moves indifferently , it is quite a sight. We spend some time here 'dancing' to .. hemmm .. some kind of music. i have no idea. And at one stage as i was mimicking a hand movement dance repertoire , another man came in to have a contest . aiksss...

But the best part is when they introduced their bartop / pole dancers of skimpy dress origin. 2 malays girls and 1 chinese girl were performing on poles and such. It was an amazing sight - not much the girls but the pack of wolves that comes to the meat. I saw young men giving tumbs up to their fellow friend , some uncles from the street , maybe a few gangster boss who seemed to get respect from the rest and yes .. businessmen. It is pure joy finding out where these guys hangs out other than yuppies than are more evident. And i tot i saw a Datuk type of guy dancing , away from the 2 girls that he came along with.

well, spend about 2.5 hours learning new things and updating myself. One will never know what you will meet in this conditions. Btw , as we were going out , a lanky Caucasian male approached me on location of ATM . Sorry , but ATMs here are closed by 11-12 pm. So , get your cash ready before that.


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