Day 6 : Nightcrawler report

Rain stopped on time when i went into the hospital. No doctor here today except Dr Azmi.


1. Still heart beat fluctuations but heart pressure has decreased .

Learning point - For stroke patients , the can be 'irritated ' too. We noticed that Ah Poh was moved from her original position and Ah Chiu ( Uncle ) enquired the nurses about it. The nurse said that they moved her to make her more comfortable. After they moved her , her blood pressure went down. The nurse attribute that to perhaps the heatiness caused due to non movement. And since she was not able to communicate , her irritations was translated to higher bp level. Makes sense .

2. Breathing - and certain point the breathing does stop .. but was countered by prayer and talking .

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At the end of the night , we went through another round of prayers. For our hope is on God and Him alone.

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