A "Robot" of experience

The physically challenged that we brought to Midvalley Megamall are those who need a wheel chair to move. They are from a centre called Independent Living and Training Centre , Rawang . We were supposed to meet with the them at 1.00 p.m. So , the church youths went about pottering and rushing after our service on Sunday. I think everybody was excited , especially since they contributed energy to earn money to be channeled into this programme. We called that Slave Auction , where youths were 'sold' for a price in return for some work.

So , we rushed to this giant shopping centre braving all kinds of transportation chaos and jams. There is even a jam into the shopping centre and a jam to find a parking. Basically . Queues are everywhere. Maybe even a jam to the loo. My car got there first and we proceeded to the cinema area. While waiting , belanjaed the rest a nice McD ice cream cone. Then the news came that they physically challenged folks are in police station . What!! That was a horrific news , and it turned out that they were involved in an accident . 2 of the 4 cars actually . We paniced , as there are less than 20 minutes to the show.

We looked around and found out that the humongous queue of people waiting to buy tickets are not helping . And while we were planning for this excursion , the management was not very helpful and don't even want to consider and concessions. So , my thought is that it will be hard to change the tickets. Prayed to God that things will work out . So , we went to the side door hopefully to find the 'command centre' of the cinema operator. It looked more like a staircase , so i guess it was not going to happen . And suddenly , one of the youth indicated loudly and pointing at 2 men who just came in . I approached one of them and told the long story. And wow... we got the right guy . He went over to the main ticket selling station and proceeded to help us. One of the kids ran up with the tickets and gave it to the counter girls. They soon put up the offer in the loud speaker system and 27 tickets were snapped up in less than 15 minutes. !! Ngam ngam 27 people who wants 27 tickets .. and that is very hard combination to find. And , they refunded us the exact amount some more.

We then waited for them at the local Burger King . They have good burgers .. and free refills. The younger girls went shopping , but the younger guys who were buying stuff . It's their school holidays of course. We were kinda exhausted by then . Just before 3 , we split off. I went up to check out on the tickets booking for the 3.30 show . They can only help us to book the tickets , but not a permanent yes. The rest went to greet the arriving friends. But like usual , things crop up . The folks were understandbly hungry and some of them went to the loo. So , they decided that they want to eat first instead of watching the movie. We were frantic and do not know what to do . The next shows are pretty late , the youngers ones are a bit more jittery and we will end up very late in the evening. So , with a blank mind went to the counter to see the girl who were helping us. But she has got the 27 tickets printed out with no avenue for changes. But i think it was a blessing at the end cause we need to relay back to them that we just have to watch the show at the stated time. In fact , we think that they opened another cinema just to put us in.

Went with the girl to get some hotdogs , drinks and popcorns for them . I think it cost about RM 120 just for the food. And off again running to the main reception area where i met a guy called Ruben who will be helping us in the arrangement of the seats. It was really a challenge to move in a wheelchair as all of us know . But on that day , we experienced it . And no thanks to some rude Malaysians who are not civil , they took longer than the necessary time. Some of them even cut the cue , or were just plain rude. And we went in pretty late with the last wheel chaired bound person and perhaps blocking some people while trying to arrange things. Got to our seat finally , and were just plain tired out. We watched the "Robot" , a pretty nice show with good moral behind it.

"See a need , fill a need". Hemm ... very sound advice which is incidentally a Christian doctorine. The best part is when one of the robot mimic Britney Spears . Real funny.

We got out of the cinema last to get things reorganised. They decided to have another session of food , and we are somehow very obliging . So , we went to the food court to get a table . It was tough getting tables and chairs . And along the way , i did observe some people shunning us or simply increasing their rate of food intake. But we did get quite some tables at the end. Had a round of drinks and chat... and another round of food. I think it was a good time spnd talking to them and the kids learned much more . This would definitely be preferred , and i hope to hear some good reflections out of it.

For me , other than chatting on some technique of approach to the disabled , i got to understand some of their psyche as well. They are very sharp on protecting and fighting for their rights. Can be even confrontational sometimes. Yet , i understand that perhaps this is becoz they are mostly being underpriveledged by others , and sometimes taken for a ride. Because i was getting more aware of their demands and opportunity seeking . At one point , Mr Siva ( the leader ) was asking us if we want to take a picture to be sent to the press. I told him honestly that we have no such intention , and just want to bring them out for a good show and some food. And before that , did share to them how the money was collected by the kids to sponsor them. And all these are done by kids from a church so small ( and poor ) that they would not recognise the name. I think after that , we begin to be more genuine and they can see that we have no agendas.

Went off fast to catch a friends's wedding and drop a girl back to Puchong . ( ur friend's area ) . But i understand tat they did have the photo taken . Ok , do hope to see more of this in the future.


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