Journal 1 : Smartboard

19 Jan 2005
So , i am supposed to do an assignment to work out some new programmes for the smartboard. The smartboard is a new hardware that interestingly is able to interact with the PC , thus giving a lot more options in terms on interactivity , methods of teaching as well as response.

Thus , the task of the team ( Clement , Afaf -she is from Sudan , Harnimn , Tam and myself ) is to use this hardware in a created learning module for corporate clients. And along the way , we are entasked to keep a journel. I have decided to e-journal some of my thoughts into this column , at least i will be glad that i can't loose this jottings . i think.

We had our first meeting today . Went out pretty well as we were pretty prepared . Especially so since our first meeting with Dr Raja Maznah is on Saturday . Got our topic , which is " 7 Cs of effective written communication "" . Even got a 20 minute lecture by Clement on this . Obviously , he will be our SME ( subject matter expert ) . My task? as usual would be the IT side.

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