Cooking for 2

Been some time since I cooked a full fledged dinner .

So , decided to do one for my other half who coincidently eats more than i do .. all the time. haha. Happy birthday!

Went back later than planned from work . Then rushed to SS2 Swensens to get the ever dilicious orange sorbet.

Next . Find out pots and pans. Rummaged through my landlady's stuff and got out quite a collection of stuff . Used the pans and chinese wok as the oven does not seemed to be able to handle my clumsiness.

So , Menu of the day ! 17 - 01-05

Starter - Corb of Taiwanese sweet corn with butter
Main - White sauce pasta with fresh mushroom , scallop and squid
- Sauteed chinese salty vegetable and mushroom
- Steamed Pomfret , Teoh Chew Style
- Corn Flakes Kissing Prawn Salad with Lime Juice.
Dessert - Durian ( D24 - Yum )
- Ying Yang Peach and banana with Orange sorbet and chocolate.

Was not able to finish on 7.00 pm as planned . Managed to ask her to stay in the van for an extra 20 minutes while putting on the decorations and beutifying myself ... and taking a bath .

We had a pleasent dinner accentuated by a nice floating pink candle flower and of course , good music. Rummaged through my pastyears good ol' collection to find a compilation of chinese songs ( my only one ) to put the 'mood' forth .

We had so much that we can't sit any more and just lied down on the floor .. in silence . Only after some time were we able to say some word ... and even more time later to take on the desserts.

That was a fun evening. Cleaned up the house and hoped that everthing else is in order. Bad news of course is that my landlady somehow mysteriously decided to come back from Singapore that night and spotted her 'stuff' being dried. aiskkks.

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